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December 21st the end? Bring it on!
December 20, 2012 | In

You’ve likely heard that, according to the Mayan calendar, tomorrow is the end.  What it is the end of is up to many interpretations.  Rather than passively watch another “end of the world” date come and go, or worse, waste it on feeling bad, why not choose see the opportunity in endings?!  Instead of doom, let tomorrow mark the end of that which holds us back, individually and collectively.  Tomorrow marks the end of choosing fear, the end of anxiety, worry, and stress.  How about the end of complaining and ingratitude?  Let’s begin tomorrow by replacing these with gratitude, love, peace and joy.  See?  Endings can be really great.  So if tomorrow is the end – I say “Bring it on!”

 I am grateful for you…and I promise that WON’T end tomorrow.  I do wish you a “to be continued” and wonderful holiday season!

 Happy Holidays to all!


How to Keep Your Sphere of Influence Simmering
March 15, 2012 | In

Interview With Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

By Julie Escobar

With the second quarter in full swing now, and spring re-energizing agents everywhere, I wanted to turn our attention this month to that most-important business foundation must-have – the sphere of influence.  To do that, I turned to a good friend and amazing speaker and coach – Roberta Ross.  She’s successfully helping agents not only earn to their highest potential — but doing so with passion and purpose.  I asked her if she’d share some of her secrets of success with us this week, and of course, she graciously agreed.

Here’s an inside peek at our interview…

Q:  Roberta, first of all thanks so much for your time!  You’re always fun and insightful to interview!  In a time when our industry is still, in many ways, recovering – I wanted to talk a little about the ways new agents (or RENEWED…