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Be Responsible for the Energy You Bring

And the Energy You Allow

By America’s Six Figure Real Estate Coach

There’s a powerful quote by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor that says, “Please be responsible for the energy you bring to this space.”  Hers is an amazing story and how she came to share that message is inspiring.  Dr. Taylor was a renowned brain scientist at Harvard.  In 1996, she had a massive stroke that damaged the left hemisphere of her brain, but left the right hemisphere unscathed.  The way she explains it is that the right hemisphere controls the right here and right now.  The left (the side damaged for her) is in charge of the past and the future.  In essence, she had no memory, no identity and no language skills. Can you even imagine that experience and having to start all over again?

Because what she DID have was the here and now, the absolute present, she was acutely aware of the energy people would bring to the hospital room where she recovered.  When her mother showed up to the hospital, she didn’t know who she was, but she knew the energy she brought with her as she was completely present. She came straight into the room, and laid down next to her daughter and held her, rocked her, and looked her in the eye.  This was a striking comparison to many of the healthcare providers who would talk around her, over her, or to others – or simply go about their tests and checks without acknowledging her at all.  All she could perceive from that was that those people didn’t value her enough to make that connection, and because of that – she didn’t value a connection with them either.

To make her healing possible, she had to own the energy around her and set high expectations for those who brought their energy into her space.  Makes you think doesn’t it?  How do we show up for the people in our lives, like our friends, family, customers, and colleagues?  What energy do you bring to the space of others each day?  Whether you’re picking up the phone, speaking with your children, negotiating a contract, meeting a customer, or across the table from friends – are you fully present?  Are you bringing to others the very stuff that you want more of in life such as joy, service, and peace?  Or are you bringing tension, negativity, and yesterday’s bad news?  It also makes you think about the energy that people bring to your space.  Are there people in your life whose toxic energy is draining your positive energy?  It might be time to set some high expectations of your own so that you can continuously move forward.

As a success coach, I’m a big believer in being totally present and living in the moment – and minding the energy you bring and that which you allow into your life.  If you get a chance, pick up a copy of Dr. Taylor’s book, A Stroke of Insight.  It’s worth the read.  And for many of you busy building your business plans and managing holiday schedules, remember to bring your best energy to whatever space you find yourself in.  Your life changes exponentially when you do.  Be well!