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Take Time OFF

No Guilt Required

By America’s Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

I recently saw a Q&A session in a real estate forum where an agent posed the question, “Do you plan your days off or make them spontaneous?”  What struck me was how many agents answered back that they rarely, if ever, take a day off.  Really?  As a mom, wife, entrepreneur, business owner, and real estate coach, I totally understand that our lives and days can feel a little like a 24/7 run on the hamster wheel.  I also understand and advocate that we cannot possibly bring our best selves our clients, businesses and families if we don’t take some down time.  Studies support that, ironically, all work and no play has a detrimental effect on productivity. In fact, I tell my coaching members that it’s just as vital a component to our success as prospecting, presenting, and closing.  Why? It makes us more effective, keeps burn-out at bay, helps create a healthy life balance, and makes this journey a whole lot more interesting!

Need a nudge?  Here are four ways to take back your down time without feeling guilty:

  1. Block your time. Top agents build downtime right into their schedules.  Days off, family vacations, personal time all get calendared with the same passion and purpose as prospecting time, listing appointments, closings, and training.  They are all important.
  2. Change your daily habits. You might be surprised how much time you really DO have when you take a good, long look at your daily routine.  Too often I see agents who are REALLY BUSY being busy – but not really productive.  If you can take an honest look at how you spend your time for one week, you’ll probably see a whole lot of time that can be shifted and consolidated.  Put those off hours together and you’ll find a nice gift of ‘me time’ to be treasured.
  3. Think of it as an investment. Just as all our electronics and tools need to be recharged to function properly, so do our minds and bodies.  When we take time to replenish ourselves, we can find the bandwidth to be more creative, more expansive in our thoughts, and come back to our desks or duties stronger, more energized, and more excited to do what we love.
  4. Have systems in place. Top producers don’t worry as much about ‘lost productivity’ because they have systems in place that streamline the processes of their business.  From marketing to admin support to alliances with other agents and a real estate career that is more listing-focused than buyer focused, putting the pieces together on the front end will allow you to take time off without fear.

Being the best in your field doesn’t have to mean working non-stop every day.  It’s not a badge of honor to say you never take a day off, it’s a sign that your life is out of balance, and no one can stay out of balance indefinitely.  It always, always takes a toll.  As we head into the summer months, be sure to take a good look at these four ways to re-center, replenish, and renew your time for yourself.  It’s not a should-do if you want to rise to the top and stay there, it’s a must-do.

Good luck, and if you need help getting and staying on the path, let me know!  That’s what coaches are for!