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The Cornerstone of Abundance

Just a Little of What I’ve Learned in 27 Years

By America’s Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

There’s a quote that I love by a man I’ve been studying for more than twenty-seven years now – Wayne Dyer.  He says, “Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.”  Wow.  Is that ever true.  There are far too many people in the world that drudge through their life with disdain for their jobs and allow themselves to be pulled into a vacuum of negativity that’s fairly hard to break free of.  Then there are the rest – who passionately pursue their careers and opportunities, eager to extract all the blessings each day will bring.  I believe a lot of salespeople fall into this second group.  I love the entrepreneurial spirit of salespeople.  Love when they’ve got a goal in sight, are so intent on it, and they have that look on their face like a kid staring into a candy store.  I love when they tell me about the rush they get from helping a young family find the home of their dreams, or a seller get the absolute most value for their investment.  And I REALLY love when they let those experiences fuel them to do even more with their lives and invite abundance in to take them right straight up to the next level.

Truly – it’s because of all of this that I love what I DO as well.  I get to work with agents and brokers all over North America and help them finesse their strategies, put powerful systems in place, connect with their sphere and farms in unique and inspired ways, and in many cases, shift their mindset so that they can BELIEVE that they can do more, be more, and achieve more than they ever thought possible for themselves.

It’s a funny thing about hitting those marks, reaching those goals, celebrating each little victory.  It really does act as the match that will light them to the next level in their business and their life.  So does learning.  Opening up your mind and letting down your guard enough to invite new ideas and insights in.  I have made it a joyful, yet sometimes difficult, journey to study as much as I can about the people who have achieved that oh-so-elusive balance.  The ones who have mastered the ability to continuously reach new levels of success and service without getting too bogged down in ego, or those who pursue their bottom line with such fierceness they forget that it’s just as important to have a life.  I’m so grateful for the Wayne Dyers of the world. The master teachers.  The ones who turn on the lights for so many.  The ones who absolutely, positively love what they do so much it SHOWS each and every day.

So in this month of Valentines and sharing the love, I challenge you to find your cornerstone. To get to that place where you LOVE what you do.  And for all of you who’ve been on this journey with me?  I thank you for your part in MY cornerstone!