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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…

The Power of Living in the Present

By Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”  It’s good advice, of course, but so is don’t MISS the small stuff.  Too often we’re so mired in all the big decisions, the worry, the ‘what if’s’ and the daily routine that we forget, (or don’t allow ourselves) to live in the present moment and appreciate it for what it gives.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s EASY to do. For most of us, life often feels like it’s racing by at lightning speed.  Who has time to stop and smell the roses-right?  The truth is that you make time. Because that whole all work and no play thing doesn’t just make Jack or Jill a dull person, it robs them of so many opportunities for joy, growth, happiness, and reflection. It makes for a life lived unbalanced, and that’s not a sustainable model for a healthy, fulfilled life.

So let’s take a look at a few ways you can appreciate the small stuff and live more in the present:

  1. Keep a journal. Whether pen to paper or a digital version, folks that keep a gratitude journal in which they write 3-5 things they are thankful about each day are more likely to appreciate the moments, see the opportunities, and live in the present.
  2. Holding grudges, disappointment, fear, and anger over past missteps or wrong doing is an anchor that can mire people in negative emotions that can be truly toxic to their lives.  Forgive others – and yourself and let it go. It is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and an incredible path to healing and re-energizing your life.
  3. Perform random acts of kindness. Because these acts are meant to be spontaneous, committing to at least one per day or say five per week forces you to live more in the present as you will be on the lookout for opportunities to perform a kindness in your everyday life.  For many, this one change alone shifts the way they approach their days.  Instead of “I have to go to work today” or “I have SO much to do today” – they take the path of “I can’t wait to see what act of kindness I can do today!”  How’s that for a positive perspective?
  4. Kick worry to the curb. Worry is a time and energy thief that offers nothing of value to your life.  It accomplishes nothing but cements your mindset on stressful things that may or may not every happen.  Let go of worry. Control what you can, and leave the rest because the bottom line is that nothing is permanent. Not the good or the bad.  If something in your day goes south on you, so be it.  Learn from it and move on. Worry never solved a single thing but it sure does create a lot of chaos that you don’t need.
  5. While sleeping may seem counter-intuitive to ‘living in the present’ – without enough of it, we’re not awake and aware enough to truly appreciate our waking hours and all those opportune minutes in each day. In today’s 24/7, phones always in our hands world, the majority of us don’t unplug often or early enough to give our brains time to disconnect from the constant barrage of messaging and media to get a really restful night’s sleep.  Sleep is vital to health and wellbeing as well as a positive state of mind.

Making time for the small stuff, and living in a more mindful state may not start off as an easy transition in our hustle-and-bustle world. It is so worth it though.  It’s like giving yourself a gift every day.  Practice these five steps for a week or two or even a month and see how it changes your own life.  I know it’s changed mine.

Here’s to the challenge! Remember, I’m here if you need anything! Connect with me on Facebook to share your thoughts!