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10 Things That Set Mentally Strong People Apart

And Help Them Live Better Lives

By Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

It’s a busy world we live in. One with lots of moving parts, task lists, and responsibilities. It’s also filled with amazing opportunities and relationships.  This month I wanted to share a few things that seem to set mentally strong people apart and help them live more joyously and successfully.

  1. They look at setbacks as catalysts for change. Even a big loss can become a defining moment to find creative solutions and set your sites on future wins.
  2. They start and end their days with gratitude. The Law of Attraction is a vital force – we get back what we most put into the world.  Pay attention to, and keep your focus on, all the things you are grateful for each day, make a mental note of them and be thankful. 
  3. They replace worry and fear with action. Fear and worry are two of the biggest obstacles to success. They shut down your mind’s ability to think creatively and find solutions.  Instead, replace those emotions with action, propelling yourself to move forward.
  4. They’re mindful of their self-talk. The world has enough critics – don’t let the voice inside your head be your worst one.  Fuel your inner dialogue with positive affirmation and be your own best advocate instead!
  5. They create a nodrama zone. It’s really, really easy in today’s world to get sucked into other people’s drama.  From the blaring negative news in mainstream media to the Negative Neds around the office water cooler, it doesn’t take long before you are deluged with negative influences.  Mentally strong people walk away. They shut it off, shut it down, and focus on the business at hand, the opportunities before them, and the blessings they are counting.  Drama is a drain – do not participate.
  6. They have fun. The power of laughter makes you less susceptible to pain, releasing endorphins, exercising your body, and engaging your social brain. So many get caught up in the idea that they have to work 24/7 to be successful, but the truth is that life can’t be lived in a state of imbalance and why would anyone want it to?.  Making fun and joy a priority allows you to lead a more balanced life, and it re-charges your “batteries” to help you handle whatever comes your way.
  7. They keep things in perspective. Problems seem daunting when you keep them so close you lose their perspective. The mentally strong know how to balance their focus so they can see things more clearly. They prioritize what needs to be done in the moment, but are adept at taking that step back so as to not lose sight of the big picture as well.
  8. They exercise. Our brains are a muscle and just like the rest of our muscles and as such, it requires exercise to perform optimally.  Top achievers don’t shy away from challenges or stay stuck in the same old way of doing things.  They continually look for new solutions, new methods, and new strategies.  They are lifelong learners, fueling their minds with new ideas all the time so that when a problem does arise, they have the mental nimbleness to find the opportunities in the obstacles.
  9. They ask for help. I know there are a lot of proclaimed “self-made” men and women out there, but the truth is they don’t get that way flying solo on everything. There is SO much to learn from others, so many people who can lend their perspectives, insights, and knowledge that it’s absolutely the smartest thing to reach out and tap into those resources. And in return, let others tap into your ideas and knowledge as well.  Mentors and protégés, coaches and coaching members, and mastermind groups are all amazing relationships to explore for those who want to always be mentally on top of their game and ready for anything. You know what they say, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room!”  It’s true!
  10. They stay true to their core belief system. Most people have an internal compass that tells them when they are heading too far off their integrity level or core beliefs.  It’s a grounding factor that sometimes takes some mental calisthenics, because it can be tempting to go for what’s easier, or faster, or seems like the quick dollar – but if it goes against who you are, and the things you most align yourself with, it will become a weight on your mind that will hold you back.

Challenge yourself to “work out” that magnificent mind you’ve been gifted with every day.  These ten factors are a good place to start.  I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!  Share them here or find me on Facebook!  Have a great week!