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By America’s Six Figure Real Estate Coach

Dr. Wayne Dyer reminds us that our natural state is joy.  While it’s easy to get away from it, ignore it and even override it, ultimately, what we want and need as human beings is to be joyful.  I recently spoke in Hawaii, and I was reminded of this life lesson.  The spirit that seems to flow through the islands is one of joy, celebration, and authenticity.  Cast against the rich landscape, it was truly an extraordinary experience.

Even their words resonate with a soulfulness and center.  Words like…

Ohana.  It means family and symbolizes that no matter how distantly related you are, every member of the family comes from the same root, and by that, all part of the same family.  People there have a community ohana, a friend ohana, and even a work ohana.  It’s a feeling of connectivity that is inspired and I imagine lends itself to supporting the absolute resiliency of these ‘families’.

Aloha.  Usually we think of this word as a greeting or parting phrase but when you look at the definition in a Hawaiian dictionary or speak to people about this word it is so, so much more than that. It conjures up amazing spirits of warmth, love, friendship, joy, and celebration.

Pono.  This word usually translates to righteousness, but when people speak of living pono it has the feeling of living consciously and making the right decisions to do the right things by people, by the earth, and even for yourself.  There’s an integrity about the word that is admirable.

Mana.  Mana means power, but not in the ‘I have a better car than you’ kind of way. It doesn’t equate to possessions or bank account balances.  It refers to the life energy that flows through all things and that it can be gained or lost depending on the decisions and choices that are made in all that we do.

Shaka.  You’ve probably seen the gesture of an extended pinky and thumb waved with a hang-ten coolness and spirit.  It means gratitude, solidarity, and friendship. And it feels like a great reminder to slow down and go with the flow.

There’s a lot to be said for the joy and passion these words invoke and for the warmth and spirited culture they represent. I was grateful for my time there and can’t wait to get back for my next speaking engagement.

It’s fun to take life lessons from other languages, cultures, and countries. It reminds us that we all have things to share with the world around us, hopefully in positive, empowering ways.  Maybe, just maybe, I even left a little of my ohana or roots behind myself!

I’d love to hear what you’ve learned from other cultures recently.  Share it here or on my Facebook page!  Until then – I wish you happy successes!  Aloha!