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Find Your Why

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By America’s Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

There’s something about people who are absolutely passionate about what they do.  Business, success, joy, creativity – it all seems to come easy to them. It’s as if they innately know how to move forward and stay on the front edge of what they want.  I believe it is because they have their WHY all figured out, so the HOW is a natural progression from that.  German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’  He was on to something. When you have your WHY – whatever that is – it fuels the rest of your life with purpose.

That “why” is a very personal thing however, and at first glance it may appear obvious, especially to a salesperson.  You might think, “My why is to make $100,000 a year.”  But the real question is what’s behind that particular why?  What would $100,000 or $500,000 a year do for you?  And why is that important to you? Maybe your why isn’t really monetary at all – but that the funds would provide the REAL why. Perhaps it is to give your kids an amazing life filled with security and comfort.  Maybe it’s to travel the world and have the means to check off your personal bucket list or to have the means to give back philanthropically? How would it change your life in a way that’s so intense that you’d be willing to work harder, smarter, and longer just to achieve and maintain that level of production?

Here are four ways to start to find your why and then your how:

  1. Set aside some time. Your why is important enough to spend a little time wrapping your head around it.  For many people it takes a weekend away or at least a few hours reflection with a notebook and a pen and an open mind to start the process.
  1. Write down what you’re passionate about. We all have things that make us light up with excitement and that we feel compelled to do or achieve. Anything with that much fire is usually a pretty good foundation for a why.  Is it an achievement such as being the best in your field, or your market or your organization?  Is it security and never having to worry again where the next commission is?  Is it about family and friends? Make a solid list then narrow it down to the top two or three that you feel strongest about.
  1. Determine what it would take in a broad stroke sense to make your why a reality. This is the foundation for the how.  Would it take a certain dollar volume? Production level  An assistant? A collaboration with others?  Brainstorm your how on paper or with a trusted mentor to come up with a starting trajectory.
  1. Find ways to weave your why into your business. I love to see agents who bring their passion for their why into what they do every day.  Those that love bringing life into their communities for example, may participate or lead charity drives and meet and greets.  Others who are passionate about boating, golf or horses, may seek out local clubs and organizations to find like-minded people. Business offers many springboard opportunities to for you to engage in the things your naturally desire.  There is always, always a way to integrate your passions and your business acumen.

I love helping people find their why and turn it into an action plan that makes them excited to get up every day and do what they do.  It’s the kind of foundation that keeps agents from burning out, or living out of balance, because to them, there is a higher purpose to the work they do.  When you have that – one deal going south, an unreasonable seller, or a fickle buyer isn’t such a big deal.  You’re on a path for a bigger cause.  The funny thing about it is, when buyers and sellers work with someone that is fueled by that kind of why, they feel it, and want to do everything in their power to help you achieve it. How’s that for a win-win?

Go find your why, and if you need help, let me know.  Find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/6FigureRealEstateCoach and share your story!