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What We Can Learn From Townhouse Specialist Patrick Lilly

By Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

Don’t you just love learning from people who have willingness and transparency to share what they are doing with their colleagues in this industry?  I know I sure do.  One gentlemen who I had the privilege of interviewing is an extraordinary New York City agent — Patrick Lilly.  Patrick learned long ago that you can’t be all things to all people, and even TRYING to do that was not only exhausting, but ineffective.  So he decided to specialize and, as a result, his production, reputation, and profitability soared.

Listen to and learn the strategies that he used to build his reputation as the Townhouse Specialist in his area, and why one of the things he’s most proud of is the HOPE he can give to customers.


Powerful stuff, isn’t it?   Building a niche is one of the best things you can do for your business. So why don’t more agents do it?

If you ask a new agent what kind of business they want, most will tell you they want ANY kind of business.  What’s surprising is that many experienced or “seasoned” agents will tell you the same thing.  They are so eager to get all the business they can that they don’t want to turn any business away and will take anything they can get.

Sadly, what often happens when you do not select an identity for yourself is that one gets selected for you.  I can’t tell you how many agents I’ve seen fall into this trap.  For example, many agents find themselves specializing in first-time homebuyers when it’s not even the demographic they wanted.  What happens when you take business you don’t ultimately want?  You attract more of the same and that can leave you frustrated and unfulfilled.

So how do you get off the treadmill and onto something that has impact?  You identify your ideal client, establish a niche, and create an identity for yourself that syncs with your ideal client.  Your niche should have two basic fundamentals.  First, pick an area of real estate that is viable, meaning that there is an ample supply of properties or prospects in your area.  For example, if you live in land-locked Columbus, Ohio — you would not want to choose waterfront properties as your specialty or you would soon be out of business.  Second, your niche should be one that aligns you with and what you want.  From there, set about being the BEST agent for the needs of that particular prospect.  Then, be sure to establish the connection and keep in contact.  You’ll be surprised how much easier life and success becomes when you do!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Leave them below – and happy listing this season.