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Say No to the Naysayers

Taking Control of Your Success Mindset

By America’s Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

According to the United Nations, the world population is around 7.4 Billion people, yet somehow, many of us still let the opinions of one or two ruin our days.  Really?  Here’s the thing – we get to choose who we let into our heads every day and how we allow other people to affect our decisions. There will always be naysayer and dooms-dayers. Always. There will be people who tell you that you can’t, or shouldn’t or why they wouldn’t do what it is you want to do.  Only you can be responsible for whether you listen.  You know what’s funny is how many times people have allowed someone ELSE to stop them in their tracks while in the pursuit of their goals and desires without ever even checking to see if that person even has any credibility. How do THEY know you can’t?  What makes them the expert?  Here’s the bottom line – if they are trying to convince you of your limits instead of what’s possible for you, then they have no credibility.  No background check needed.

Rather than look outside yourself for confirmation, what if you tried looking in.  What if, instead, you trusted yourself a little more? What if you were able to say, “Thanks, but no thanks” to the unsolicited advice of the naysayers?  What if you carved your own path based on the value that you bring to the world, with the willingness to learn more, and the courage to press on?  What if you simply trusted that by taking action toward what you want, that you will indeed get closer to achieving what you want?  Doesn’t that make a whole lot more sense?

It’s interesting to note how many people decide to join a coaching program for business development and skill building, but more often make the greatest strides by shifting the way they think.  For agents and entrepreneurs, every new level achieved is preceded by a change in thinking. For many it comes by  shifting from a doubtful, obstacle-minded focus to a voice of confidence and possibility, with the help of someone to help them steer their “ship” in the right direction and reduce their vulnerability to the whims and opinions of those around them. It’s one of the critical components of effective coaching.  It’s amazing and rewarding to see the transformation that happens when a person aligns themselves with what matters most. When they walk away from the “impossible” and start seeing all that is possible.  When they stop listening to the negative and start creating their own positives.  It’s both beautiful and enormously impactful to the bottom line.

Regardless of how long we’ve been doing what we do or how embedded we are in our thought patterns, a change in results is just a shift away.  Being open to self-examination, open to new possibilities, open to changing the way you think all precede leaps in your success. This month I challenge you to take control of your own mindset and leave the naysayers to control theirs.  What have you always wanted to do but others said you could not?  Take the leap. See what happens. There’s no time like right now to start.

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