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Would You Choose You?

An Honest Question

By America’s Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

As a professional, you probably have high standards when it comes to hiring people to work for you-right? Are you insistent on top service levels and the highest quality products?  How often in your career have you taken a step back and given yourself a performance review?  I ask because too often we get in a groove of doing things the same old way, and stop looking for ways we can improve our performance, raise our own bar for service and excellence, and allow the rationale that we are “busy” be the reason we cut corners or drop the ball. 

So this month’s challenge is this:  Give yourself a review.  If you were a home buyer or seller – would you be compelled to work with you?  Maybe that’s a resounding, “YES!”  But can you do better?  Can you comfortably and confidently say there’s no room for improvement?  What can you do starting this week that will tighten up the systems you have in place, sharpen your skills, and improve the customer experience?  They don’t have to be big ticket changes, unless those are warranted.  The top agents in our business are in a constant state of tweaking their skills, their business plans, and the tools and techniques they use to communicate with their clients and customers. 

Here are 5 things to look at when evaluating your performance:

  1. Your customer reviews. Are you getting positive reviews from your current and past clients?  Are they referring new business to you? Do you provide your customers with a survey asking for a review (and provide an opportunity to share their comments)? If not, you’re missing a chance to capture great feedback that you can use in your marketing when it’s good and use to learn where you need improvement when it’s not as high a rating as you’d like. 
  2. Your interaction with other agents. Are the agents you work with, co-broke with, and interact with sending referrals your way?  Are they singing your praises or questioning your professionalism?  There will always be professional rivals of course, but there shouldn’t ever be enough room for someone to question your integrity, commitment to service, and capabilities. There will always be professional rivals of course, but there shouldn’t ever be enough room for someone to question your integrity, commitment to service, and capabilities.
  3. Your numbers. What is your list to close ratio?  Your call to appointment ratio?  Your results in relation to your goals?  Everything else in this otherwise “people” business can get emotional at times, but the bottom line numbers tell the truth.  If you’re not on mark to hit your goals with solid lead conversion and solid listing/sale numbers then something’s off.  Get with your broker or integrity partner and don’t stop until you figure it out. 
  4. Your credentials. Are your credentials on pace with your career goals?  In other words are you taking the extra training and skill sharpening needed to become certified in the areas of our industry that interest you the most?  Top agents are passionate about constant improvement and their credentials reflect that.  Do yours?
  5. Your inner truth. We can sometimes slip some things by the rest of the world, but in our heart and mind, we know when we are not giving our all.  We all have an internal compass that lets us know when we are on track or off.  What is yours telling you?  That you are giving 110% or that you have much room for improvement, or maybe, like most –there are areas where you can strengthen your game.  Listen to that inner truth and adjust your actions and mindsets accordingly.

In all that we do, it’s good to take a few steps back now and then to assess whether you are bringing your best self to the table each day – and when you are not, to shift your daily action steps to do better  That’s not to say that you need to work 24/7.  Find your balance. Bring your best to both your personal and professional life and don’t be shy about asking for help managing that process.  Some of the best of the best in our business don’t fly solo. They have a mentor, coach, mastermind group – or all three to help keep them on track.