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Would You Choose You?
August 12, 2016 | In

An Honest Question

By America’s Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

As a professional, you probably have high standards when it comes to hiring people to work for you-right? Are you insistent on top service levels and the highest quality products?  How often in your career have you taken a step back and given yourself a performance review?  I ask because too often we get in a groove of doing things the same old way, and stop looking for ways we can improve our performance, raise our own bar for service and excellence, and allow the rationale that we are “busy” be the reason we cut corners or drop the ball. 

So this month’s challenge is this:  Give yourself a review.  If you were a home buyer or seller – would you be compelled to work with you?  Maybe that’s a resounding, “YES!”  But can you do better?  Can you comfortably…

Why It’s a Good Time to Make a Shift
July 7, 2016 | In

Stop Saying “I Don’t Have Time”

By America’s Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

The truth is that we make time for what’s important. What we prioritize. What we push to the top of the list.  There are a lot of people who wear being “too busy” as a badge of honor almost. They hang their hat on the “I don’t have time” mantra and when that happens, a lot of valuable things can get missed. 

I recently came across a book by author Laura Vanderkam, 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You ThinkIn it she interviews dozens of happy, successful, ultra-productive people, that instead of letting the daily grind crowd out the important stuff, make sure there’s time for the important stuff. Vanderkam shows that with a little examination and prioritizing, you’ll find it is possible to sleep eight hours a night, exercise five days a week, take…

Anyone You Need to “Unfollow” In the Real World? When is it Time to Walk Away
June 30, 2016 | In

By Roberta Ross,
America’s Six Figure Real Estate Coach

In today’s robust age of social media, “following” and “un-following” people in the cyber world is just a matter of a click. In under a minute you get to choose what you allow into your feed, your sphere, and your daily dose of social media. Especially now, during heated election climates – turning people’s opinions off or on has become even more of a chore. It’s interesting though, when you start to think about how we can do that out here in the physical world of colleagues, friends, family, and neighbors. It takes more than click to disconnect ourselves from influences that don’t meet our expectations, wreak havoc on our sensibilities, or stray far from our core beliefs.

A friend of mine who tends to get pulled into a lot of events and activities (which she often grows to resent) often…

Show Up, Show Up, Show Up
June 14, 2016 | In

Consistency is More Vital Now Than Ever Before

By Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

There was a program on the radio the other day that featured a lot of what people would call, “one-shot-wonders”.  Those artists that knocked it out of the park with one song, then were rarely, if ever heard from again. It makes you think, “what happened?” These people were clearly talented, had what it took to reach the top, so why just the one hit? It reminded me a little of some real estate agents I’ve met.  Eager, talented, and full of action – ONCE. They showed up strong once and got a listing. Awesome-right?  Absolutely.  But every day is a new day in this business.  There’s no resting on your laurels, ask any top producers out there.  They’ll tell you that no one, not even the heavy hitters have the luxury of not showing…

What Message Are You Sending?
October 21, 2015 | In

First, Second, and Every Impression

By Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

Every day you have an opportunity to make not just a good impression but a great one.  From your attitude to your branding, your business acumen to your intention – every interaction you have with others affects your reputation and the integrity level you show to the world.  At this time of year, many entrepreneurs are already looking at their business planning to design the path to help them reach and even exceed their goals in the coming year.  Be sure to take the time to examine what message you are sending in all that you do.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and things to keep on your radar:

  1. Business relationships. Are you known as someone easy to work with?  A competitor – but one who is respectful, professional, and fair?  Do you treat referrals (and the people…
Find Your Why
July 27, 2015 | In

And You’ll Figure Out Your How

By America’s Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

There’s something about people who are absolutely passionate about what they do.  Business, success, joy, creativity – it all seems to come easy to them. It’s as if they innately know how to move forward and stay on the front edge of what they want.  I believe it is because they have their WHY all figured out, so the HOW is a natural progression from that.  German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’  He was on to something. When you have your WHY – whatever that is – it fuels the rest of your life with purpose.

That “why” is a very personal thing however, and at first glance it may appear obvious, especially to a salesperson.  You might think, “My why is to make $100,000 a year.”  But…

Do You Know What You are PAID to DO?
November 24, 2014 | In

The Answer May Surprise You…

By America’s Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

When I am giving a talk on lead generation, I’ll often ask the audience what they get paid to do.  Typically, the list of responses I get are: buy houses, sell houses, close, buy and sell, help buyers and sellers, list houses, list and sell houses.  Some get more creative and suggest “to help others achieve the American dream.”

In order for a business to succeed, it is critical to know what you get paid to do, or what you’re most important revenue-producing activities are.  Meaning, if you eliminate these activities, your business can make no money and would literally collapse.   The above list of most common responses is a clear indicator that most agents do not have a clear understanding of what their highest priority, revenue-producing activities are.

What you get paid to do should run like a…

REJECTION:  Do You Respond or React?
October 16, 2014 | In


By America’s Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

There’s no getting around it. You will be turned down.  There are listings you will not get.  There are buyers who will choose to work with someone else.  There are offers that will be rejected.  There are closings that will fall through in the final hour.  This is part of doing business and no one in business, including the most exceptional real estate agents, avoids this fact.  So being successful is not a matter of if you will get rejected, but rather how you respond to rejection that will make all the difference.

How many millions of times have we seen the expression “SWSWSWSW”?  For those not familiar, it stands for “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Someone’s Waiting.”  This mindset strategy prevails because it is a very powerful one to adopt.  It reminds us not to get hung…

How to Keep Your Sphere of Influence Simmering
March 15, 2012 | In

Interview With Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross

By Julie Escobar

With the second quarter in full swing now, and spring re-energizing agents everywhere, I wanted to turn our attention this month to that most-important business foundation must-have – the sphere of influence.  To do that, I turned to a good friend and amazing speaker and coach – Roberta Ross.  She’s successfully helping agents not only earn to their highest potential — but doing so with passion and purpose.  I asked her if she’d share some of her secrets of success with us this week, and of course, she graciously agreed.

Here’s an inside peek at our interview…

Q:  Roberta, first of all thanks so much for your time!  You’re always fun and insightful to interview!  In a time when our industry is still, in many ways, recovering – I wanted to talk a little about the ways new agents (or RENEWED…

Build Your Stock: Four “Investment” Strategies for Staying Ahead in a Changing Market
September 22, 2011 | In

By Roberta Ross, National Speaker, Author & Coach and
Julie Escobar, Syndicated Columnist

In challenging economies, our sense of net worth and emotional stability very often rise and fall like the stock market ticker on our television screens.

Finding that much-desired feeling of empowerment and security may seem tougher to come by, but by shifting your view to what is possible, you find enormous opportunity.  The value of your stock is not based on what is, but upon your response to what is.  Top agents rely on action, tenacity and good old fashioned people skills to keep their stock high and their stress to a minimum.

Building your “stock” in today’s market has much more to do with your daily activities than your investment portfolio.  A great number of successful businesses and extraordinary entrepreneurs are born from tough markets.  The question…